Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time Zone

It is 9pm on Tuesday at home right now.  In India it is 7:30am on Wednesday.  While I am in India just remember I am 10.5 hours ahead of you!

I packed my bag today.  I am only going to bring a carry on and a purse so I do not have to check any bags.  It is hard to pack all my liquids and lotions into 3 oz containers that will fit in 1 quart Ziplock bag.  I at first thought it was a gallon bag.  That would have been easy, but now I find out it is 1/4 of that, it is much harder.

I am very excited about my sweet comfy Nike sandals that Jamie and Mandy got me for Christmas.  They are going to be key because they are my only shoes I am bringing.

I leave in 3 days!

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